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What if you could write distraction-free and publish with one click of a button, all without ever leaving your desktop? This is exactly what you can do with Scribbble!

Important! This app is for Mac only at the moment. We do not have immediate plans for a web or windows versions.

Scribbble is a publishing tool AND platform that lets you focus on your writing, while seamlessly publishing your thoughts.

  • No more databases to set up.
  • No plugins to mess with.
  • No spam.
  • No security audits.
  • No hacked sites.
  • No slow sites.
  • No problems.

Try it for free for 7 days!

Why Scribbble?

Scribbble is the tool we always wish existed. Most platforms are OK, but seriously hinder your writing with distractions. They get in your way without you realizing it.

Scribbble is different - it's for people who value their time and mental energy - who want to write without distractions and actually finish their thoughts.

It works great, as we are already using it ourselves (we built it for us, but think you're going to absolutely love it!)

What people are saying

People are already loving Scribbble, and we are just getting started. Awesome things are coming, but I cannot share just yet. All we can say is that you'll be blown away 🤯

How to Install Scribbble

To install Scribbble you'll need a Mac OS (Mac) operating system:

  1. Just download the .dmg fie and open it.
  2. Drag the icon into your applications and open from there.
  3. For updates, "check for updates" from the main menu.


We would LOVE to hear from you! We have a discord channel (shared after purchase) where you can come in and let us know what's on your mind. We take all feedback very seriously!

All memberships include a 1 week free trial
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Scribbble publishing tool and platform. Whether you write privately or publish for everyone's viewing is totally up to you!

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