SaaS Blocks for Elementor Pro

Gene Maryushenko
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What's SaaS Blocks?

SaaS Blocks is a design system made specifically for SaaS websites (apps - mobile and desktop).

✅110+ blocks - I accounted for most use cases and scenarios, but if you see something missing, I can add it fairly quickly! Just make a custom request.

✅40+ feature blocks (sections) - there's a section for just about anything and I will be adding more continuously. You can even request a custom one!

✅Global colors (change them to your own to quickly apply to every section globally)

✅Pre-made pages (all you have to do is import one and customize text / images and you're set!) Create a landing page or a full website in minutes.

✅Stackable blocks - each block was designed to stack in any order you like without breaking the layout (a handful of blocks need to have their padding adjusted just due to the nature of their layouts)

What's Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress framework that allows for fast website builds. To put together a site from a template, all you have to do is:

  1. Import theme files

  2. Click add from the template and select a block or an entire page. You can have a site up and running in minutes!

  3. Customize the text / images / icon if desired.

Note: You have to be an Elementor user (meaning you have to subscribe to the PRO version already) to be able to use many of the blocks in the kit. It's about $4/mo or $49 annual.

Who is this product for?

SaaS Blocks Elementor is great for:

✅SaaS Founders and indie makers looking to create their website or just improve the overall layout.

✅Makers looking to set up a landing page or a website without designing or coding it.

  • Template files that you can import with one click and create websites in minutes!

  • Template files that you can import with one click and create websites in minutes!
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SaaS Blocks for Elementor Pro

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